The Feather Star



At the Red Lion Hotel, patrons can enjoy a selection of five beers on hand pump, with the expectation that these beer offerings will vary over time. In addition to the hand pump beers, there are thirteen taps dedicated to Craft beers, as well as a keg cider option. While the pub does not provide hot food, it does offer a wide variety of crisps and nuts for snacking. Additionally, patrons can usually opt for "Smith Hall" Pork Pies and cheese platters. Notably, customers are also allowed to bring their own food to enjoy within the pub premises.

A note from us at Hopton Hall

In February 2022, the Feather Star underwent a relocation from 15 St Johns St to the Red Lion Hotel.

For those unfamiliar, it's worth mentioning that a Feather Star is the name for a Crinoid fossil found locally in the limestone around Wirksworth.


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