THE CONTRACT for a short-term holiday cottage rental will be between the Hopton Hall Owners (“us” or “we”), the person
making the booking (“the party leader”) and all members of the holiday party (referred to as “you” or “your”). The contract will
be subject to the following booking conditions and these must be complied with.UK law will govern the Contract. The contract
for a rental is not effective until we have processed the deposit. The party leader must be at least 21 years of age at the time of
booking and the booking form must list names and ages of each person in the holiday party and state the full postal address of

the place at which the party leader lives.

PAYMENT: Bookings are CONFIRMED on receipt of the deposit of 1/3rd of the holiday cost. The deposit must be paid
within 7 days of booking being placed. The balance of the rental will be due for payment six weeks (42 days) prior to the start
date of the rental (the check-in date) and we reserve the right to cancel a holiday where payment has not been received six
weeks before the commencement date. If the booking is made within six weeks of the check-in date full payment of the rental
amount will be required at the time of booking. Payment can either be by bank transfer, cheque or card payment, we will send

the details to you separately.


If you need or wish to cancel your booking you must notify us as soon as possible and also confirm this in writing. This will give

us the chance to re-let the accommodation you have booked.

Provided your cancellation is notified to us in writing at least 42 days before your check-in date and does not fall within clause 4
below, you will receive a refund equal to all monies paid for the accommodation booked less a £90 administration fee. Any

such refund will be made within 5 working days after the check-out date of the original booking.

If you notify us of your wish or need to cancel less than 42 days before your check-in date you will be liable to pay any
outstanding balance (if you have not already paid it). We will try to re-let the accommodation you booked but if we are unable

to re-let there will be no refund under any circumstances and you will still be responsible for the full rental price.

If we are able to fully or partially re-let the accommodation you cancel (or are deemed to have cancelled by virtue of you failing
to pay the balance on the due date) you may be entitled to the return of part of the monies received from you for your booking
(i.e. your deposit and any balancing payment, if any). The amount we refund to you under this clause will depend on the final
letting price that we receive for the new booking (which may be less than you have paid or agreed to pay). Any net refund,
which will also include a deduction for an administration charge of £90, will be made within 5 working days after the check-out

date of the original booking.


We acknowledge that COVID-19 / Coronavirus related national and local lockdowns are circumstances beyond your control
for which travel insurance does not appear to be easily available. We have therefore agreed to share the risk of you not being

able to travel in the following and very specific lockdown circumstances.

If the person identified in the contract as the Party Leader is unable to travel to the location of the holiday accommodation on
the check-in date because travel outside of the area where that person lives is prohibited by the application of Covid-19 related
Regulations (i.e. it would be illegal for the Party Leader to travel to the holiday accommodation on the check-in date of the
rental) you may ask us to cancel your booking. If you chose to cancel your booking you must notify us as soon as possible and
also confirm this in writing. This will give us the chance to re-let the accommodation if other members of the holiday party not
similarly travel restricted do not wish to take up the accommodation. Any such refund arising in these circumstances will be

made within 5 working days after the check-out date of the original booking.



The inability of any, some or all of the members of the holiday party to travel to and stay at the holiday cottage for any reason

(including but not limited to, illness, the requirement or recommendation to self-isolate or to quarantine, jury duty,
incarceration, change in personal or work circumstances, family emergencies and travel delays etc) remains your risk and does
not give rise to a right to cancel or to receive a refund. For these reasons we strongly recommend you take out your own travel

insurance with cancellation cover appropriate to your own requirements.

Travel insurance options which may also include cover for COVID-related cancellation (see below) can be found on insurance

comparison or insurer sites such as

Go Compare –
Trailfinders –
PJ Hayman –

If you choose not to purchase your own travel insurance then you accept responsibility for any loss that you may incur due to
your cancellation. Please note we are not selling, promoting, endorsing or recommending any particular insurer, insurance
agent or insurance product and we do not benefit financially from, or have any commercial relationship with any of the

providers listed above.



If for any reason we have to cancel your booking in advance due to circumstances beyond our control for example fire, flood,
exceptional weather conditions, epidemics, destruction/damage to the property (“force majeure“) you will be refunded the full
amount of the booking. If we have to terminate your holiday early for the above reasons you will be refunded part of the
booking fee based on the time remaining of the booking. No additional compensation, expenses or costs will be payable

7.PERIOD OF HIRE: Arrival time from 5:00pm on the check-in date, we will contact you beforehand to confirm and you
should leave by 9:30am on the day of departure. Failure to do so will result in you being charged a further day’s rental. You
must not use the property except for the purpose of a holiday during the holiday period, and not for any other purpose or
longer period. The agreement to stay in the property for the holiday period, does not create the relationship of Landlord and
Tenant between the parties. You shall not be entitled to a new tenancy, or to any assured short hold or assured tenancy or any
statutory protection under the Housing Act 1988 or other statutory security of tenure now or at the end of the Holiday Period.

8.NUMBER OF PERSONS USING THE PROPERTY we reserve the right to refuse group bookings or other persons who, in
our opinion are unsuitable for the accommodation. The maximum number of people stated in each cottage must not be
exceeded we reserve the right to terminate your holiday forthwith, without compensation, or apply additional charges.

9.LIABILITY: Hopton Hall, its employees and representatives shall not be liable to you or your party for loss or damage to
property, cars or contents whether inside or outside howsoever arising. You must take all necessary steps to safeguard yourselves

and your property.

10.CARE OF THE PROPERTY: You are responsible for the property and are expected to take all reasonable care of its
furniture, pictures, fittings and effects, in or on the property. You must leave them in the same state of repair, and in the same
clean and tidy condition at the end of the rental period as at the beginning. You must not use the properties for any dangerous,
offensive, noxious, noisy, immoral activities or carry on there any act that may be a nuisance or annoyance to the owner or other

neighbouring properties. Smoking is not allowed in any of the properties. No pets allowed.

11.DAMAGES & BREAKAGES: In certain circumstances, a damage deposit of £150.00 per cottage is payable on request,

refunded at the end of your vacation with breakages and damage charged at our discretion.

12.WIFI: Wi-Fi is provided for the guest’s reasonable use. It is rural broadband and has limitations. The guest agrees to

reasonable and lawful usage of this service. Please see our separate Wifi Terms and Conditions page.

13.RIGHT OF ENTRY: We shall be allowed the right of entry to the property at all reasonable times for purposes of

inspection or to carry out any necessary repairs or maintenance.

14.COMPLAINTS: Every effort has been made to ensure that you have an enjoyable stay. However, if you have any problem
or cause for complaint, it is essential that you contact us immediately to give us the chance to resolve it. We value your custom

and want you to return.

15.DATA PRIVACY STATEMENT: We treat any data collected during the course of making bookings or dealing with
enquiries in strict confidence. Your data will never be sold. As members of Premier Cottages (a marketing collective of the best
four and five-star cottages in the UK) we have agreed to supply to Premier Cottages Ltd the names, postal and email addresses
of all guests booking with us during the previous year, in order that these guests may be sent a Premier Cottages brochure and
sent promotional emails from time to time. We also provide them with the email addresses of guest enquiries. By accepting these
terms and conditions you are indicating your consent to receiving these communications unless you let us know otherwise, you

can contact us on and we will arrange for you to be removed from the database.

Please see our separate Cookie Policy and Privacy Policy pages.